For your business to look professional on the Internet, you need a good Website that is different from others. Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, Once said: “We sell hope, not the makeup.” Do you want to be different too? 

When choosing a platform to build a site, you need to understand what your customers will get from your product or service and base your Website on it. 

Another factor to consider is that the Website not only has to be unique, but it has to be influential and positive for your potential customers. 

For example, if you sell watches that look similar to others on the market, you must be based on the uniqueness of your website and an interesting slogan. An interesting Website is a powerful way to differentiate your product from the competition.

Many customers simply do not see much difference between different products in your industry, so they will most often choose the product from the site that stand out the most.

If your Website is not unique this is not a good situation for you! With a unique Website and professional support, you will take your product out of the product category and turn it into something that has value above what the competition offers. 

You might want to always go with one of the big companies such as Wix or Shopify, but these large platforms can hold you back, with limited customisation and expensive costs here is why you should use a smaller agency for your business website.


The key factor every new businessman/women looks at first……How much will my website cost and the most important thing is to make sure your website is a unique design that represents the products/services that you provide to your target market. Can a standard template from Wix or Shopify do this? The simple answer is no.


With minimal money our agency offers you all the features you need to make your business expand. The start-up website package offers you a custom design for your Website that we will create specifically for your business needs. We do all the work for you, unlike the large companies where you have to upload all of your content yourself, we do all of this so you can concentrate on building your business. Even when you are live you can ask our UK Support Team to make changes to your website.


The basic version of Wix is ​​free. However, few will be satisfied with the basic version. If you use the free version of Wix, they will place ads above and below your site for wix, does that show your potential client that you are an established business, using a free template with wix adverts plastered all over the pages? Also, the basic version does nothing to help the SEO of your website.

Design plays a big role in the success of the Website!


A unique and fun design of a Website can be a reason for customers to buy products from you, which is why we think it is important that you can create your design the way you imagined it. TopDogWeb offers you the opportunity to create your design without a template. Because only you know the path of your business success, and we are here to make that path easier for you. Another big positive thing in creating your design is that you can sell your service or product to customers in an interesting way.


Wix comes with template themes to choose from. Using the tools that come with Wix, you can further change the design of the theme using drag and drop builder, this is a time consuming task and if you do not have design knowledge could leave you with an unprofessional looking website.

Another disadvantage of Wix is ​​that you can’t change the theme once you choose it. There is also a possibility that your site will look like the site of your competition.

Support team 

The main difference between Wix and TopDogWeb is that with the basic version of Wix you get basically nothing to help you expand your business. On the other hand, TopDogWeb offers you a support team that is always there to help you also they will solve problems in the shortest period of time. All members of the team are from the UK and are available via Phone, Live Chat, Email.


Research shows that more and more people are interested in online shopping and that in a few years all stores will start closing because shopping from home via phone or laptop will be overtaking the traditional high-street. That is exactly what we are witnessing today. Have you noticed that many brands only exist online? And that these brands do more business and have more profit than non-online brands. Then why not open a virtual store that will bring you more profit?

When you decide that your business needs an online shop, there is usually confusion. Where to open? How to start? Is online sale safe?

The answer to all these questions is simple. You need a platform that will pay 100% attention to your business with an excellent support team, a unique design that allows you to provide your customers with quick and easy shopping. Also, this platform must contain a team that has the best interests of your business in mind. That is why more and more brands are turning to agencies like TopDogWeb because they are more successful they give extra attention to clients when they need it, unlike, Shopify or Wix, which does not provide as much support to customers due to huge client numbers, they are not able to provide 100% attention to small brands.