Why Does Your Small Business Need a Website in 2022?

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Why does your small business need TopDogWeb? \ Why does your small business need a website? 

Doing business without an online presence is impossible in this generation. Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates said “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

The digital age has led to 81% of Britons using Google, which means that 62 million people search for something on Google every month.

Small businesses mostly don’t focus on promoting their businesses, which leads to decreasing sales of products or services.

Why do you need a website?

  • #1 Everything is online because of the pandemic! 

You’ve probably heard this too many times before, but it’s also logical that you haven’t thought about this because of the chaos around us. Now is the time to think! Research shows that online shopping in the UK has increased by 200%.

Did you know that 81% of customers first search for a product online before deciding to buy it? This new generation of customers is extremely informed.

While lockdown is in place and most outlets are closed, these numbers are expected to continue to grow. You will miss out on huge profits if you don’t adjust to the situation.

  • #2  The website has no opening hours!

Your office or a shop has working hours and work until 5 PM, do not work on weekends, work on Saturdays until 2 PM…Your website does not have these limitations. It works for you 24/7/365. It also promotes you while you sleep. Your customer may want to know more about you at 6 in the morning before work or at 9 in the evening. Let them be able to find you.

  • #3 Your competition has a website!

Your biggest competitors most likely already have websites. What do they get out of it?

#Online customers will find them quickly

#Higher profits because they serve people both locally and online

# Higher reputation because they are present wherever they are needed

If competitors don’t have a website, then you’ll be at an even greater advantage compared to your competitors

  • #4 Your credibility is growing!

A website is a sign that you are investing in your business. And if you invest, it means that you intend to last on the market. That’s more than a good sign for your customers.

Moreover, 56% of people don’t trust a company if it doesn’t have a website. By building an online appearance you show that:

#You believe in your business and that you are ready to advertise it,

#You want to talk to customers and value their opinions,

#Build authority because you recognize, among other things, the importance of the Internet in business.

  • #5 The website is your digital business card.

Do you remember the famous scene from the movie American Psycho, when Christian Bale pathologically enviously looks at his colleague’s business card? 

Yes, yes, business card time has not passed yet, only they have switched from analog to digital form. Links are now shared instead of cards.

Or link cards, if you’re still old school.

# Before meetings, you give people the opportunity to prepare and learn something about you.

#You also get the opportunity to meet your interlocutors long before the first contact.

# In general, you leave a much more professional impression, it will be easier to remember you.

Why should you contact us?

Unsure where to start when it comes to building a website? TopDogWeb is a reputable agency with services for all business types and sizes. that will provide you with quality service and lead your small business to success. If you don’t have a website or if social media is your only communication with customers, read this blog and find out how important it is to have a website.

  • Our professionalism is the safe path to your success!

Creating and maintaining a good website can sometimes be a real struggle if you don’t know how to comply with Google’s algorithm. That is why we have our professionals who will make sure that your path to success is faster and easier.

  • Good advertising is half the work! 

By advertising through websites you raise yourself to a higher level of business and give the impression of a serious company that is one step ahead of the competition. For an advertisement to be successful, you need a professional team that will know when and how a small business can expand.

  • Not sure where to start?

Get support from our UK Website Development team who will explain to you where to start to be the best in your business. We are always there for you!

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