What is a Pay Monthly Website Design Service? 


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What is a pay monthly website design service? 

A pay monthly website design service is where you have a fully functioning website either for personal use or to advertise your business services, that instead of paying a lump sum upfront you will either spread the repayment cost over monthly payments or you will just pay a monthly rental fee for the website. Similar to a mobile phone contract or a car lease, you use the item and pay on a monthly basis 

What is the difference between normal and pay monthly website


The main difference between a standard website development package and pay monthly web development service is the cost involved. Web design and development for a business was always thought to cost £1,000’s to get a professional website. But now with the use of pay monthly website service provider you can have a professional business website online without the need for spending large amounts of business capital. 


It is not uncommon to pay out £1,000’s for a custom website development package and then need to spend more money with a separate hosting provider to host your website so that it is accessible to the online world. With pay monthly websites, because they are nearly always sold as a website development package, hosting will usually always been included as part of the monthly payment. (always check with your pay monthly website service provider) 

What is the cost of a pay per month website package

There are many different factors involved with pay per month websites that can alter the amount you are paying each month. Some of these include 


If you are on a lower cost package you could expect that you are likely to be on a shared server that is not as powerful as a website on one of the higher monthly website packages, the higher the spec of the server and the more server space your website takes up the more like you are going to be on a higher pay monthly package. 

Website Maintenance 

Perhaps your pay monthly web design service included monthly optimization and maintenance from a developer, if this is the case you can expect to pay for this as an included feature in your website design package monthly payments. 


If you did not pay a fee for an allocated designer up front then this will be factored into your monthly costs. Website designs can be a costly task and if not done correct it can be the difference between you receiving a new enquiry or the potential client going to one of your competitors because of a shoddy looking website. So always check a monthly web design agency portfolio before deciding to use their service. 


Another cost factor likely to be the difference between low monthly web design or high costs is the size requirements of your business website, do you only need a couple of pages online to show your business services or do you need 100+ pages to display your services. If it is the latter then you can expect to pay a higher monthly website fee because of the server allocation and time consuming task of the web agency to manage and upload all of the pages. 


You are busy running your business, and you do not want to be allocating all of your time manually updating and checking your website. What if a page has disappeared or there is a content issue? You want a web agency that has excellent service that will always be there to help you with any of this. So depending the level of web design package you are on you will need to factor in support levels when purchasing your pay monthly website service. 

Website updates 

Most pay monthly website packages will come with basic website updates included this will mean a small bit of content can be uploaded on you behalf you just need to send it over to the agency for them to upload. This will likely be the server level agreement of a low cost monthly website package. But what if you are requiring a lot of frequent website updates and you do not have the time to do these. Check with your web design service provider to see what is included with each web design package. 

SEO Service 

The question that every business owner will likely ask when first venturing into the online world of business websites and website development “Will my website be on the first page of Google?” 

Well, to be frank If you are paying for the cheapest monthly business website package you can probably assume the agency will not be working continuously on your SEO (Unless they have stated this) As a common rule of thumb even on the super cheap affordable web design packages the agency will submit your website to search engines allowing your website to start ranking for certain words that you have added within your content. 

If you are expecting to get to the first page of Google it is likely you are going to need a little more investment or to choose a package that has SEO included. 

What is usually included in a pay monthly website package

With all packages ranging from low cost to high tier packages you can expect at a bare minimum to have: 

  • Professional looking website design 
  • Design converted to a fully functioning website 
  • Admin area access to update web page content 
  • Responsive website, so customers can access on all devices 
  • Standard website hosting 
  • Standard technical support (usually contact via email and live chat at the very least) 
  • Security software to keep your website secure 

Will i own the website i am paying monthly for

This can vary from agency to agency, the most common package will be when you are paying monthly installments to pay off a final value fee. Once this is paid off you will technically own the website. Until then you are running the website that is still owned by the web design company. 

Then you have companies such as Wix you pay monthly for a professional template website however you are just paying towards the hosting of the website and you will never actually own any physical files. You would not for example be able to request your website files and move to a new hosting company. 

Again this will change from agency to agency so be sure to check their policies and read the terms and conditions before starting. 

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